dinner at our place, episode 6

after a few weeks off, we are back and better than ever!

this episode was a fun one to record because reminiscing back to the '90s is always hilarious. you can listen to episode 6 here. we took a walk down memory lane as we gave thumbs up or thumbs down to music that was released 20 years ago. we also talked about my internal complex with my name, which resulted in a game about celebrity stage names. 


here is the playlist i promised to our loyal listeners. enjoy this nostalgic walk down memory lane, because heaven knows we did.  [disclaimer: don't listen to while driving, this playlist can cause over excitement which will result in a car accident.]

as always, you can listen to our podcast through iTunes, or by using the embed below. thanks for listening!

dinner at our place, episode 2

thanks to everyone who listened, and loved our podcast last week! we have had a great time bringing this to life, so we are glad all of you enjoyed it too! 

last night steve & i recorded episode 2, where we talked all about our weekend, which consisted of pure barre, the grammys & kevin durrant returning to oklahoma for the first time since he was a traitor and left (wound is still fresh). not mentioned on the pod was that i'm in denial that i will have a 1 year old in a few weeks, which i was constantly reminded about as i started shopping for stuff for his first birthday that is only a few weeks away (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!) , also not mentioned was my rockstar husband for helping with things around the house that i can't do by myself during the week (husband of the year for sure... gosh i love him). 

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